UAhero Integrations

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Aysu Ayık
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UAhero Integrations

The first step to using UAhero is to integrate all the ad and MMP (Mobile Measurement Partner) networks to the platform. We know integration can be a frightening process for many. But rest assured integrating UAhero is very easy. It doesn’t involve any SDKs or coding, only a bit of copy and pasting. So let’s get started.

In order to make the integrations, you will need to go to “Integrations” under the profile section.

Under Settings, you’ll be able to connect ad networks and MMPs by following a couple of easy steps. Let’s start with the Ad Network integrations. 

Ad Network Integrations

Facebook Integration

To integrate Facebook ad accounts to UAhero, the first action is to click on the “Connect” button right under the network’s name and logo. 

After clicking on the button, a pop-up appears where you’re expected to login to your FB account. After logging into the account and giving the ad management permission, we need you to share with our team the Business Manager ID number and we will onboard all ad accounts under the given BM. 

In order to get the Business Manager ID you’ll need to go to your Facebook Business Manager. You can find your Business Manager ID by going to “Business Info” under “Business Settings”. In the Business Info section you'll see your ID number below Business Manager Info

After sending the ID number, our team will complete the rest of the process and in no time you’ll be seeing the data on the platform. 

Unity Ads Integration

Just like the Facebook network connection, connecting your Unity Ads account to the platform takes simple steps which start with clicking on the “Connect” button.

After you click on the button a pop-up will appear where you can enter the “Organization ID”, “Stats API Key”, “Organization Core ID”, “Service Account Key ID”, and the “Service Account Secret Key” all of which can be found in the Unity Ads Dashboard.

To find your Organization ID, you need to go to Acquire > Settings and under Organization you can find the Organization ID.

To locate Organization Core ID, go to Operate > Settings, and copy the Organization core ID field from the “Organization info” section.

You can follow the steps in this link to get the Stats API Key.

To add the service account details, first, you need to go to your Unity Gaming Services Dashboard and create a service account by proceeding to the Service Accounts page from the menu (☰) by selecting Projects > Organization / Service Accounts. After you've created the service account, you need to navigate to the Access tab and set the suitable roles to "Enabled" to give access to the corresponding API endpoints. Lastly, by going to the Keys tab and clicking on "Create new key" you can generate a Service Account Key ID and a Secret Key.

You can also follow the instructions here for more information.

After pasting the IDs and the keys to their respective boxes in the pop-up, click on “Connect” to finish the integration process.

ironSource Integration

Similar to the networks mentioned above, in order to start the integration for ironSource, you’ll need to click on the “Connect” button. In the pop-up you’ll see that there are boxes to be filled; Username, Secret Key and Refresh Token. 

Navigate to “My Account” on your ironSource publisher dashboard then click on the “API” tab to find your Secret Key and Refresh Token. You can fill the E-Mail box with the email you use to login to your ironSource account. 

Snapchat Integration

The integration with Snapchat is managed in the background, as opposed to being completed via the user interface. In order to learn about how you can integrate Snapchat with UAhero, you should get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

TikTok Integration

The TikTok integration is managed in the background. In order to complete the integration process of TikTok with UAhero, you should get in touch with your respective Customer Success Manager.

AppLovin Integration

For the integration with Applovin we need you to provide the API Key for Reporting (a.k.a Report Key). You can find this Report Key in the “Keys” tab of the account page in your AppLovin dashboard. After you share the key with your assigned Customer Success Manager, the integration will be completed in the background.

Google Ads Integration

To get started with Google Ads integration, the Refresh Token and Google Ads account information (Google Ads Customer ID, Google Ads Customer Name and if you have, Manager Account ID) are needed. 

To learn how to find your Google Ads Customer ID, you can click here. You can also find your Manager Account ID in the same section as your Google Ads Customer ID.

If you don’t already have a Refresh Token, don’t panic! You can either create a token by following the steps in this link or we can help you with creating the token. You can get in touch with your Customer Success Manager if you encounter any issues or if you have any questions.

After you provide the information above, we’ll finalise the integration process in the background and you’ll be able to see the Google Ads data on the platform.

Mintegral Integration

To integrate Mintegral with the UAhero platform, there are two keys that need to be provided by you; the “Access Key” and the “API Key”. While you’re signed in to your Mintegral account, go to “Account > Basic Information” to find both keys. After you share them with your Customer Success Manager, the team will handle the integration in the background and in a short time, and you’ll be able to see and manage campaigns on UAhero.

You can also check this link to find out how you can get the keys.

Tapjoy Integration

The integration with Tapjoy requires a simple process our team will complete in the background. For us to carry on with the integration, we need you to share the Marketing API Key by going to Promote > Reporting > Reporting API

After the integration is completed you’ll be able to see all data on the UAhero platform. 

MMP Integrations

Adjust Integration

Integrating Adjust with the UAhero platform requires two steps just as the ad network integrations. The first step is to click on the “Connect” button on the platform under Adjust.

On the pop-up, you’ll see the “User Token” box. To find the user token in your Adjust dashboard, go to Account Settings > Your Data > User Details.

While integrating your MMP, in order to see the data of the apps you’d like to manage on the platform, it is crucial to integrate the apps by following the steps below. 

  1. Go to the dashboard’s list view and click on the plug icon that appears when you hover over the name of the app. 
  1. Enter the Adjust token of the app in the pop-up.
  1. Click on Save.

You can find the app token of any app in Adjust’s dashboard as you can see in the screenshots below. 

Integration with AppsFlyer

For the AppsFlyer integration, all you have to do is to give us the two API tokens that can be found in the AppsFlyer interface by following the simple steps below.

  1. Click the email address located on the right side of the header bar.
  2. Select API tokens. The available tokens (V1. 0, V2. 0, or both) are displayed.
  3. Copy the required token.

Please note that this page is accessible to the AppsFlyer account admins. 

Once the integration is completed, the accounts are synced overnight and you can proceed to checking and comparing all data from your ad networks and MMPs on UAhero.

Disconnecting Integrations

If you don’t want to see the up-to-date data of an ad network or MMP on UAhero, you can disconnect them by simply going to “Integrations” and clicking on the “Disconnect” button under the name of the network. Please note that, when an ad network or MMP is disconnected the data for the last 10 days becomes unavailable on the platform. 

For disconnecting networks that are not visible on the interface, please get in touch with your assigned Customer Success Manager.

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