Time saved in UA management
Average uplift in ROAS
Customer-centric team

One platform to manage all your UA

Compact yet powerful reporting
AI-powered recommendations
One-click campaign management
multiple networks campaigns in single optimizer

Experience the future of optimization

With our advanced AI algorithms you no longer need to optimize campaigns one by one. Let our algorithms optimize all your campaigns across networks, while you still maintain control by deciding and approving which recommendations get implemented.

Easy to use reporting

Free yourself from manual work

Say goodbye to having too many tabs open and hello to managing all your campaign data smarter and faster than ever. Modify campaign values in seconds, generate and share reports with a few clicks.

one click network connection

Connect and get started without a sweat

Integrate ad networks and MMPs with a couple of clicks. Complete the onboarding process on our user-friendly interface without writing a single line of code or worrying about SDKs.

happy customers

We are YOU-centric

Our team of experts is here to help you take your UA efforts to the next level. Have regular campaign health checks with the team and get your issues resolved round the clock.

Data Sources and API Integrations

Trusted by stellar gaming companies

“Just when we thought a bunch of our campaigns were dying, recommendations made by UAhero brought them back to life and our install figures jumped significantly.”
User Acquisition & Monetization Assistant Manager
“UAhero's user-friendly interface and the underlying algorithms make it very easy to hit our goals, be it ROAS or CPI. And the team always shows a customer-focused approach; from initial phases of testing to scaling and beyond.”
Growth Team Lead
Mynet Games
“As an indie studio we are constantly challenged for resources, be it time, knowledge or money. Ability to analyze all my data in one place with UAhero and working with experts to drive my UA campaigns successfully has been great.”

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