UAhero User Management

Aysu Ayık
Aysu Ayık
Product Marketing Manager
UAhero User Management

We’re well aware that you might have an expanding team looking after UA campaigns of a number of games to make it to the top chart and increase profits. After you decide to boost your UA campaigns by using UAhero, you can start adding your teammates as you have full control over users that can be added to the platform.

Creating a user

In order to invite someone to the platform, you first need to go to the “Users” tab on the top bar.

Users section is where you can invite people, see the list of all the authorized members and edit the access level of them. In order to add people to the account, click on the “Invite” button, which will open a pop-up where you can enter the info of the team member you’ll invite to the platform. The number of people you can add to the platform is not limited, so feel free to invite your teammates to UAhero. 

In this pop-up, you’re asked to enter the name and email address as well as the role of the user. There are two options for the role, the user can be an editor or a viewer. The role of the user can be changed later if needed. 

When the account owner sends an invite to the new user, they’ll get a welcome email with a temporary password. For privacy reasons, users are asked to change the password when they’re first logging into the platform. 

Deleting a user

If you don't want the account of the user to have access to the platform any longer, you can simply delete the user's account by clicking on the trash icon next to the user.

Once a user is deleted, their account will no longer be visible on the platform. However, the connections for apps and ad networks are not impacted by the deletion of a user. The data flow will continue as before for all other users.

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