Tarentum AI turns its two main products into companies; UAhero and Wind Suite

The launch of two companies provides industry-focused product clarity and allows the growth of rich-in-features platforms for the mobile marketing and renewable energy industries.

Aysu Ayık
Aysu Ayık
Product Marketing Manager
Tarentum AI turns its two main products into companies; UAhero and Wind Suite

Jan 6, 2022 - Today, Tarentum AI, the developer of AI-powered solutions, announces the launch of two separate companies to reflect the product-centered evolution of the company.

Tarentum AI was founded in 2017 with the vision of empowering every business with AI to drive value from data beyond traditional analytics and became the undisputed top AI solution provider. 

The emergence of two companies reflects how Tarentum AI has evolved in recent years. To narrate the current products more clearly, focus on the two industries to offer distinct solutions, and better engage and communicate with their customers and employees, Tarentum AI turned its products into two companies; UAhero and Wind Suite. From this day on, Tarentum AI’s end-to-end solution set for the energy industry will be under a separate renewable energy-focused company, Wind Suite, to fulfill all market-specific needs. The development of the solution for the mobile marketing industry will continue under the domain-focused company UAhero.

“Since the early days of Tarentum AI, we have built project-based, end-to-end working deployed solutions for various industries from gaming to e-commerce, energy to finance. Every project we delivered was designed as a product and incorporated cutting-edge AI algorithms to solve the client’s business problems. In recent years, we naturally focused on the fields where we believe we’ll add more value, and we’ve moved beyond projects to concentrate on two products that answer the need in their respective domains. Today, these two products organically grew big enough to be launched as separate product-centered companies. We have built great teams, and we were always searching for the best talents in each area, which we will continue to pursue.” says Oğuz Silahtar, the Co-Founder and Chairman. 

"Tarentum AI's vision has always been to solve our clients' toughest challenges with AI. We've achieved this through the numerous engagements we have successfully completed with top brands across multiple industries, while also building the best AI team in the region. With our decision to focus on two domains we recognized the unique needs and challenges of each and added subject matter experts to the team, complementing our technically strong team. And now with two SaaS products, UAhero and Wind Suite, we are able to reach more clients in a scalable manner and become their trusted partners." says Bora Tokyay, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tarentum AI, explaining his view on the decision and its strategic prerogatives.

The launch of two new companies includes renaming the Growads product as UAhero according to a new industry-focused vision and a complete redesign. The new brand UAhero illustrates our mobile app marketing-focused product’s core ambition perfectly as it suggests that we’re here to be the hero to resolve the complexities of the industry. UAhero is the ultimate solution that saves mobile marketers from their daily campaign management setbacks and empowers them with our leading machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to boost their profits. 

UAhero’s new brand assets include a new simple yet effective logo in white, purple, and orange tones, a new website, tool design, and other visual communications that utilize simple and spirited graphics to convey the data-focused analytic solutions in an understandable approach.

About UAhero

What makes a hero? In the age of reason, heroes are not identified with capes and armors. They are the makers, the doers, the innovators, the ones you can’t ignore. The modern individual has too much on their plate, time is more valuable than ever, and they need heroes that deliver solutions. 

Long gone are the times of brainiac super villains. We’ve taken the beginning of every hero storyline, twisted it to remake history, and UAhero was born. The superbrains are on your side and work collectively to create the super-smart ultimate hero. 

UAhero is an AI-powered solution created with deep expertise in critical business problem solving and artificial intelligence for the mobile app marketing industry. The easy-to-use product helps mobile marketers and growth professionals acquire more profitable users with less effort across networks.

Visit https://linktr.ee/uahero.ai to explore the new website and social media accounts. 

About Wind Suite

Wind Suite empowers renewable energy asset owners with artificial intelligence to overcome their challenges.

The artificial intelligence-powered solution increases revenue by optimizing asset management in a data-centric manner. In this solution, production forecasting, asset management, and predictive maintenance modules work in unison to drive operational decisions focusing on revenue optimization.

Visit https://linktr.ee/windsuite to explore the website and social media accounts.

About Tarentum AI

Tarentum AI was founded in 2017 to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence technologies by businesses. Tarentum AI has developed 5 different artificial intelligence solutions for the banking, gaming, energy, e-commerce, and retail sectors to solve particular business issues. 

Visit https://linktr.ee/tarentumai to explore the website and social media accounts. 

Media Contact

Name: Aysu Ayık

Title: Product Marketing Manager

Email: aysu@uahero.ai

Company Website: uahero.ai

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