Integrating Tapjoy with UAhero, a new filtering option and reporting metrics

Aysu Ayık
Aysu Ayık
Product Marketing Manager
Integrating Tapjoy with UAhero, a new filtering option and reporting metrics

Fall is here, and so are the product updates to warm you up with the peace of mind of knowing UAhero’s got you covered. 

Here’s what our team brought to you with this release: 

  • Seeing all your data for Tapjoy campaigns on UAhero
  • Campaign Start Date filter for Recommendations 
  • Additional reporting page metrics for MMPs: DAU and ARPDAU

Take a sip from your pumpkin spice latte and let’s dive into the exciting news from our development team! 

See all your data for Tapjoy campaigns on UAhero

Starting with huge news! You can now integrate your Tapjoy campaigns with the UAhero platform to see all data of your campaigns on Tapjoy among the rest of the integrated ad networks. You can connect the dots easier by checking your key metrics on the visual and centralized dashboard and make more informed decisions. We’ll be announcing the recommendations capability soon, so stay tuned!

If you’d like to see your Tapjoy campaigns on the platform, please share the details in this article with your Customer Success Manager.

New filter for Recommendations list

We’re trying to provide you with the shortest way in campaign management and, therefore, constantly improving the UAhero platform. Until now, you could filter your campaigns on the Recommendations page according to the app name, platform and the ad network it’s on. Or you could simply search for the campaign name. The management of countless campaigns is prone to error by nature, so we want to provide you with a clear view. You can use the “Campaign Start Date” to find the campaigns started on a specific date or between a date range and save time on the searching process.

To find your campaign(s) started on a specific date, click on the area under “Campaign Started Between” and select the date or date range on the pop-up.

Additional reporting page metrics: DAU and ARPDAU

We added two mobile measurement partner (MMP) metrics to the reporting dashboard for a better understanding of campaign performance: Daily Average Users (DAU) and Average Revenue per Daily Active User (ARPDAU). 

What is DAU and why should you use it?

DAU stands for “Daily Active User” and measures the number of active users using your app in a single day. The metric can be used to understand user engagement and when paired with metrics that track conversions, revenue, and retention, can help you read your app’s growth more accurately.

What is ARPDAU and why is it important? 

ARPDAU is the abbreviation for “Average Revenue Per Daily Active User”. It’s a KPI for measuring app monetization success, whether from in-app purchases, ads, or both. ARPDAU is calculated as the total daily revenue divided by the total active users for that same day. Measuring ARPDAU can help understand the daily performance of the app or the impact of limited-time promotions. It can also measure the UA performance of an app and give insights into which networks, apps, or ads perform best in your game.

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