See the aggregated iOS (SKAN) and Android data, enhanced Recommendations, and Dashboard

Aysu Ayık
Aysu Ayık
Product Marketing Manager
See the aggregated iOS (SKAN) and Android data, enhanced Recommendations, and Dashboard

You asked, and we listened. Let’s take a look at the latest updates delivered by our developers and data scientists, the real heroes behind UAhero.

  • Aggregated SKAN and MMP data 

The report screen is updated to show the aggregated data in one column for both iOS and Android. From now on, it’ll be possible to see on the platform the aggregated data of SKAN and the other methods such as IDFA-based attribution and fingerprinting.

  • Current bid and budget values available on Recommendations

Find all current bid and budget values on the Recommendations screen by hovering over the related field.

  • Recommendation alert

See the number of unapplied daily bid and budget recommendations (if any). 

  • Optional daily total budget for the Optimizer

Create an Optimizer without a specific daily budget for optimizing your campaigns.

  • Dashboard data 

Update the dates or metrics without losing the previously selected report breakdowns. 

  • Optimization status

Find out the state of the algorithm for campaigns in an Optimizer. 

Aggregated SKAN and MMP data

The iOS 14.5 changed everything we knew about mobile marketing, and we’re all adapting. Using the SKAdNetwork data is one of the new practices.

You no longer need to check the SKAN install and MMP install data on separate columns and try to make sense of the data by calculating them manually. UAhero aggregates data and shows the unified metric on the platform.

Seeing the aggregated data in one place saves time for strategic decision-making since the consolidation of data in the background eliminates manual calculations. All you need to do is check the centralized data to track the performance of your campaigns. 

Current bid and budget values available on Recommendations

We know that you need any insight you can get on the campaigns to make the most logical decisions. So when you’re on the Recommendations page, you’ll be able to see not only the recommended bid and budget options but also the currently used values. All you need to do is to hover over the info icon right next to the recommended values. 

With this new feature, you’ll be able to track fluctuations in bids and budgets and be more in control while picking your next moves on your UA campaigns.

Recommendation alert

We’ve made it easier for you to optimize your campaigns, and now we’re making it even simpler. You can see on the Recommendations page an alert when there’s a new bid or budget recommendation for your campaigns. 

With this addition, you’ll be able to see any available recommendations without going into the details of each campaign page. 

Optional daily total budget for the Optimizer

For some of your campaigns, when you’re optimizing towards the target ROAS, you may want to use the Optimizer without any budget limitations, and we want to make sure that the platform is tailored for all your needs. So we made it possible for you to create an Optimizer without a specific daily budget limit for the Max ROAS mode.

Dashboard data 

We know how invaluable every minute is for a UA professional, and we strive to improve the reports dashboard to speed up the processes even more. In this latest release we made it possible to update the date selection and metrics columns structure without losing the previously applied breakdowns.

Optimization status

UAhero’s rich algorithm sets work in the background to give you the optimum recommendations to increase the profits of your campaigns. However, it is essential to understand the reason behind the recommendations of the UAhero algorithms to ensure that all marketing decisions result from data-driven analyses. Therefore, we present the optimization status where you can easily track the optimization process’s state. By knowing the optimization status of your campaigns, you can now make better-informed decisions and increase the performance of your user acquisition campaigns. 

The optimization algorithm has three states: Analyzing, Insufficient Data, and Steady. 

Analyzing: Bid/budget has been changed recently. Algorithms are gathering sufficient data to adjust the bids.

Insufficient Data: Algorithms need more data to generate meaningful recommendations.

Steady: All is well. Data is sufficient, and algorithms are performing smoothly.

The meaning of each state is also available as tooltips on the platform, so whenever you need to recall their definitions, you can hover over the question mark.

According to the campaigns’ performance and the adjustments applied to the bids and budget, these states can change in time. Monitoring the status enables you to make healthy decisions on your user acquisition campaigns and achieve the desired results in no time.

Stay tuned for more improvements!   

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