Power-up! Exporting reports within seconds and Optimizer campaign filtering

Aysu Ayık
Aysu Ayık
Product Marketing Manager
Power-up! Exporting reports within seconds and Optimizer campaign filtering

Our team works hard to ensure you’ll have less to worry about in your daily tasks and make the most of your valuable time! Talking about time, here’s a little something to accompany your read. 

Data is a user acquisition manager’s playground, so we want you to be as flexible as possible while dealing with it. Therefore we present to you our latest feature; 

  • Exporting detailed reports in the .csv format

Keep reading to find out the details and learn about additional improvements!

New Feature: Exporting detailed reports in the .csv format

While the platform allows you to deal with campaigns on all levels, we know that you might need to look at the data on Excel sheets now and then to complete tasks such as internal analyses or reporting. So we wanted to ensure that the UAhero platform gives you the room to do so.

To export the report at the most granular level, all you need to do is to complete the 4 easy steps:

  1. Select the date range, games and metric columns you want to export.

  1. Scroll down on the Dashboard and click on the “Export as CSV” button

     3. Type down the name of the file

  1. Click on the “Export as CSV” button on the pop-up 

After completing the process, your download will begin, and you’ll be able to see all the data for the selected variables on spreadsheets!

Improvement: Filtering active campaigns while creating an Optimizer

Creating an Optimizer is essential in getting recommendations that’ll help you reach your targets. We want to offer you a clean and hassle-free process to optimize campaigns quickly. Therefore, we’re constantly improving UAhero. 

With this enhancement, you can see only the active campaigns while selecting the campaigns to put in an Optimizer and won’t have to scroll through a bunch of inactive campaigns to find the ones you wish to boost!

Keep in Mind: You can put an active campaign in only one Optimizer. So if you choose an active campaign in an Optimizer, it will be removed from the existing Optimizer. Then you’ll start receiving campaign recommendations for your new Optimizer’s target.

We hope that the latest updates give you peace of mind and free you from some more of the daily challenges! Want to request a specific feature or share your thoughts about the latest updates? Don’t hesitate to reach us at hello@uahero.ai or contact your Customer Success Manager!

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