Mintegral integration, new optimization mode for ROAS campaigns, newly available metrics for MMPs and more

Aysu Ayık
Aysu Ayık
Product Marketing Manager
Mintegral integration, new optimization mode for ROAS campaigns, newly available metrics for MMPs and more

This month, we have some big news to help you step up your user acquisition game!  

With the latest release, you’re now able to;

  • Manage your Mintegral campaigns with UAhero
  • Optimize ROAS campaigns with UAhero’s ROAS recommendations
  • See Average DAU (Average Daily Active Users), Activity Revenue and Cohort Size metrics
  • Optimize your bids more precisely with 3 decimal digit recommendations 

Let’s take a look at what our marvelous developers have been working hard to bring you in the last couple of weeks!

New ad network unlocked: Mintegral 

We’re happy to share that you’ll have one less tab to open while managing your campaigns! Now, Mintegral can be integrated with the UAhero platform and all reporting and campaign optimization actions can be taken on the platform with just a couple of button clicks. You can start optimizing as soon as you’re integrated with the platform. 

If you’d like to see your Mintegral campaigns on the platform, please share the details mentioned in this article with your Customer Success Manager!

Campaign Target ROAS optimization 

Most mobile marketers prefer the ROAS optimization mode of ad networks if it’s available, as it allows them to optimize for delivery. However, reaching your goals can be challenging because of ad networks’ ROAS optimization limitations. 

To ensure that you hit your target on ROAS campaigns, you can now use UAhero’s Target ROAS optimization recommendations. This new capability is available for Unity Ads, Google and AppLovin ROAS campaigns. All you need to do is to enter your main goal when creating the Optimizer, and UAhero will handle the rest. The platform will provide you with daily Target ROAS and Max Bid recommendations, helping you hit your ultimate ROAS goal in no time!

ROAS Optimization for Unity Ads 

Unity Ads allows you to set a target window of 7 days when creating your ROAS campaigns. However, it’s crucial to be able to set a target window according to what you have in mind to reach your goals. By using UAhero for Unity Ads ROAS optimization, you can choose the number of days to be considered while adjusting the Target ROAS; as a result, have more control over your campaigns. 

While creating your Optimizer, you can select the window right after you set your optimization mode, in the same pop-up where you enter your Target ROAS. You can choose the window simply by moving the purple dot. Keep in mind that it is possible to adjust the values after creating the Optimizer by navigating to the Optimizer page.

ROAS Optimization for AppLovin

ROAS optimization mode of the UAhero platform for AppLovin works similar to the Unity Ads ROAS optimization, allowing you to optimize ROAS specifically for the selected day. So you’ll have more flexibility while maintaining your campaigns.

ROAS Optimization for Google

Google ROAS optimization works a bit differently than Unity Ads and AppLovin. Its ROAS calculation depends on the lifetime data, so you won’t be able to optimize for a specific window due to ad network limitations. Regardless, the UAhero platform will give you the most accurate recommendations to achieve your goals

But how can you create an Optimizer for Target ROAS optimization?

It’s just like setting an Optimizer for Target ROAS optimization with an extra step. After deciding on your Target ROAS optimization goals, you’ll be landed in the pop-up where you can select the campaigns. 

This step is where you can activate the ROAS optimization for your campaigns. Keep in mind that when you click on the box next to “Optimize ROAS Campaigns”, Unity Ads, Google and AppLovin campaigns with ROAS targets will be selectable options and you’ll be able to put campaigns in these ad networks in the same Optimizer.

After selecting the campaigns where you want to optimize the Target ROAS, you’ll continue with the standard Optimizer setup. 

Newly available metrics: Average DAU, Activity Revenue and Cohort Size

We are constantly improving our dashboard to offer a shorter process when checking and utilizing campaign data. Our newest metrics are Average DAU (Average Daily Active Users), Activity Revenue and Cohort Size. 

What is the Average DAU metric and why should you use it?

As its name suggests, Average DAU gives us the average number of users actively using the app daily. The definition of activity may vary depending on the vertical; for gaming, it’s the actions taken in a game, such as purchasing content from the app, passing levels or simply opening the game (e.g., collecting log-in bonuses). 

Measuring Average DAU will give you insights into how engaging a game is and how your campaigns affect your game’s growth, so it’s an essential metric for tracking a game's success. 

What is Activity Revenue and why is it important? 

Activity Revenue is a metric where you can see the daily revenue of your campaigns. You can benefit from this metric to measure the run rate of campaigns, and it also comes in handy when looking at the financial impact of campaigns. 

What is the Cohort Size metric?

Cohort Size is the number of users that are in your user base for a specific period after the app install. You can add this metric to your analyses to calculate KPIs such as sessions per user, retention rate, retained users, the retention rate of paying users and many more. 

TL;DR These metrics help user acquisition managers track and understand the profitability of the game, how their campaigns are performing and how they are impacting the game’s success. It’s a must to check them when looking at data to understand and manage your campaigns more effectively.

3 decimal digit bid recommendations for ironSource and Mintegral

The platform was previously designed to give you bid recommendations with two decimal digits (e.g. 0.23) only. To give you the most precise recommendations that can help you boost your campaigns’ performance, we’ll be generating 3 decimal digit bid recommendations for networks with the capability; ironSource and Mintegral.

Our main objective is to give you the whole picture in a powerful and compact platform. Therefore, if you think there are other metrics we can provide on the dashboard, or if you have any other suggestions, let us know by sending us an email at and we’ll do our best to bring them to you!

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