Empowering Netmarble Turkey to reach #1 on the Top Chart with Crate Challenge 3D!

Aysu Ayık
Aysu Ayık
Product Marketing Manager
Empowering Netmarble Turkey to reach #1 on the Top Chart with Crate Challenge 3D!

Netmarble Games’ Istanbul office Netmarble Turkey offers marketing, localization, PR, QA, and IT services for successful games like Travelling Millionaire (Everybody’s Marble), Wolfteam, MARVEL Future Fight, and Seven Knights.

Taking the shortest route in campaign management with UAhero

The Netmarble team works on acquiring users for multiple games at any given time to manage multiple campaigns on different ad channels. As a result, they have been dealing with complicated and exhausting campaign management processes, which require the gathering of the data of several channels before making decisions on bids and budgets of campaigns in each ad network. This inevitably causes a heavy workload on the user acquisition team and steals time from the actual decision-making process.

While dealing with this key challenge, UAhero came to the rescue with its easy-to-use interface that enabled a shortcut in analyzing the cumulative data and making changes to each campaign on each network. The team not only saved time on operating the campaigns but also applied the recommendations of the UAhero’s Optimizer to achieve higher performance.

While working on several campaigns for several games in different ad networks, manually aggregating the data and interpreting it takes a lot of time. In the fast-paced hyper-casual environment, it is crucial to be quick with everything we do. By using UAhero, we were able to read data in a single platform and apply the recommendations quickly. UAhero’s AI-based algorithms operating in the background can take numerous networks and scenarios into account while making the recommendations, which also added to our success without a doubt.

Tugce Erul
Division Director / Hyper Casual, Casual Publishing at Netmarble Turkey

Effortlessly tracking creatives’ performance

The performance of creatives used in campaigns plays a crucial role in the success of each campaign regardless of the ad network they’re used in. Naturally, adding to the success of campaigns means promoting the success of the related game. For Netmarble, tracking the performance of the creatives of each campaign was a time-consuming process as it took long hours of checking the portals of each network.

By using UAhero, Netmarble checked each campaign under each ad network on a single dashboard and at the creative level. This function of the platform helped Netmarble effortlessly find the creatives that were performing poorly and take action immediately.

Multi-dimensional AI optimization to support the UA strategies

UAhero’s AI algorithms work on the most granular level, to predict the lifetime duration and value of the target audience for each source app or ad set, which is used to produce the recommendations for campaign optimization. UAhero’s Optimizer starts working after you put one or more campaigns running on one or multiple ad networks to the Optimizer. Once the campaigns are added and the objective and other parameters are set, the Optimizer runs every day to produce recommended actions for all of your campaigns at once.

Netmarble benefited from customizable parameters and objectives while deciding on which ad networks they wanted to add to the Optimizer(s) or which objectives they wished to optimize towards for each campaign and each ad network. Afterward, they applied the recommendations that matched the campaign or network-specific goals to increase the performance of their campaigns.

One of the main differentiators of UAhero is supporting the user acquisition strategies with its rich AI algorithm set. This factor played a key role in helping Netmarble scale its success.

Oguz Silahtar
Co-Founder of Tarentum AI

A blended team of go-getters to hit #1

Having a great team consisting of ambitious individuals is key to achieving your goals. When you have two vibrant teams that join their forces, it’s inevitable to succeed.

Netmarble needed to ease their user acquisition campaign management processes and by choosing UAhero, they also got a team of trusted data scientists to support them in any step of optimizing their campaigns. Both teams worked with full commitment and hand-in-hand to cultivate the results of the efforts.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Netmarble and contribute to its success in executing chart-topping hit games. Accompanied by the power of artificial intelligence and a great team working together, bringing success is never a coincidence.

Bora Tokyay
Co-Founder of Tarentum AI

The Result

Since adopting UAhero to their workflow, the Netmarble team has notably gained speed in all their daily user acquisition labor. The team followed the daily recommendations of the platform to achieve their KPIs and without any hassle, made it to the top.

#1 Hit

at Games, US App Store Top Chart

#4 Hit

at All Categories, US App Store Top Chart

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